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Athena Pelvic Therapy

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Every month learn more about your pelvis and your health from trusted medical professionals. 

No spamming or selling your information to others.  We are too busy healing people to annoy you.

Classes for every body

Diverse Workouts
Inclusive Environment
Personalized Approach
Safety First
Motivating & Fun

Indoor Zumba Class


I believed that leaking and wearing a pad was a necessary evil of aging. But it’s not true. I am feeling so free and young again. I’m only 60! That’s the new 40 ladies.  I tried other places and felt helpless and like I wasted time and money.

In six visits I am free of the unpleasant and embarrassing need to wear a pad daily. I have learned what muscles I need to focus on exercising. Is so simple! I feel clean and like myself again.

I would highly recommend Athena Pelvic Therapy. She is a very good listener, and a great teacher. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of women. I feel fortunate that I met her and took her passion seriously.

Thank you Dr. Juanita - you have touched my life!


-Linda K

Juanita is so personable and knowledgeable. She comes to your home and makes you feel so comfortable about something that is very personal and could potentially be embarrassing.


She has a great passion for what she does and has a way of making you feel heard and understood. She never once made me feel dumb for having misinformation or just ignorance about complicated ideas when it comes to the body.


I have so much more knowledge now and know that I am a patient for life.

-Elizabeth F.

I can't say enough about Dr. Juanita Benedict and her positive approach to what can feel like a daunting circumstance. I was immediately at ease with her personality and skill level.

She has helped guide me to better understand my body and what it needs to be pain free! Also the fact that she can provide this type of personal therapy within your home instead of a clinic is truly relieving and brings the whole experience to a completely different level of comfort.

A true professional and a champion for women's health!

-Lisa L.

Dr Juanita is an amazing women! So dedicated to helping people. She knows how tough it is dealing with women's health issues and has made it her mission to make it easier.

She gave me great info..great advice ..emotional support and was so motivating. I thank you so much for taking your time speaking with me!!

I highly recommend Athena pelvic therapy!

-Yvette L.

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