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Missing Out on Life

"I am not able to sit at my desk for more than 5 minutes to do my work."

"My partner and I have not been able to be intimate because it hurts too much."

"The only time I am comfortable is when I am sleeping."

These are real comments from real women who suffer with real pelvic pain.  

Missing out on your life because you experience pain in your pelvis is a tragedy.  

There is help.

Athena Pelvic Therapy has helped these women, and others, overcome their pelvic pain and regain their lives.

I can't say enough about Dr. Juanita Benedict and her positive approach to what can feel like a daunting circumstance. I was immediately at ease with her personality and skill level.


She has helped guide me to better understand my body and what it needs to be pain free! Also the fact that she can provide this type of personal therapy within your home instead of a clinic is truly relieving and brings the whole experience to a completely different level of comfort.


A true professional and a champion for women's health!


Juanita is one of the most kind and accommodating individuals on the planet!


I really appreciate the time she took out of her schedule to meet with me; her insight, therapy & tips were phenomenal and all the exercises she recommended were also extremely helpful!


I’d give her ten stars if I could :)


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