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No, you should not have leakage with


Staying dry throughout life.

While it is true our bodies change a lot while we age, it does not mean that they stop working altogether.  

There is a common myth that needs to be addressed.

As you age, it is not normal to have a leakage.

The inability to hold your urine is a sign that something is not working properly.

This could mean that your pelvic floor muscles are not coordinated or strong enough to do their job of closing the urethra in time.  Or it could be something more significant.

Whatever the case, if you are experiencing urine (or even fecal) leakage, it is critical that you don't just accept it as part of growing older and believe that you will have to live with it from now on.

There is help for you.

Athena Pelvic Therapy provides complete examinations and treatment of the pelvic floor muscles and thorough education on what is normal and not normal in your body.   Referrals to other healthcare practitioners are sometimes needed, and we help you locate the most appropriate ones for you.

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