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No, it is not normal for


Stay Dry All of The Time

Do you often find yourself in that aisle of the store?  You know, the one with the pads, adult "underwear" and protective padding for beds? 

Do you ever think...I really don't want to be here?

Aside from the exorbitant amounts of money every month for "protective" products,  you may find that something else is missing too.  

Self-esteem.  Comfort.  Ease of life.

Each of these things and more can be lost when you feel as though you cannot control your bladder and you are suffering with constant leakage.

You may find that you are not comfortable going out in public without a pad on.

You may be avoiding that dance or yoga class that you love so much because you are afraid everyone will know.

You may avoid intimate relationships with your partner because you fear that you can't control your bladder during that time.

Athena Pelvic Therapy can help you to regain control of your bladder functions and return you to a life of freedom. 


Imagine never having to visit that aisle again.

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