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No, you don't have to suffer through

Leaks with Exercise

Move with confidence.

There is no better feeling than the rush of adrenaline while you push yourself to your physical limits.  

There is no worse feeling than when you feel that little (or big) stream of pee coming out while you are in the middle of a great workout.

Did you know that there are specific muscles that control when and how you pee?  


Now you do. 


That group of muscles is known as the pelvic floor.

Even better than knowing that you have muscles specifically designed for this purpose, is knowing that those muscles can be trained to keep you dry during every jumping jack and long run.

Sometimes, the muscles need to be strengthened, sometimes they need to be relaxed, and other times, they need to be more coordinated. 

Athena Pelvic Therapy has a special program for women of all athletic abilities to enjoy exercising without leaks.

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