Fitness Ladies

Free Body Classes 

You may already know this, but your body is phenomenal!  

Unfortunately, you probably were not taught much about this amazing asset you live in.   Our Body Classes will offer discussions on:

We are proud to offer both in person and online opportunities completely free of charge,  

Donations will be taken with 100% of the profits going to help Harbour Hope, a local organization dedicated to helping support survivors of human trafficking on their journey toward a new life of hope and healing.

Female Anatomy
Changes with Aging
How Things Work
Which Professionals are Best for You
Get the Most from Medical Treatments
and much more....


In order to create a safe environment, these classes are for people with female parts only.

Upcoming Classes

How to Attend a Body Class:
4 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Join the Class Email list.  You will receive all of the relevant information about the classes.

  • Step 2: RSVP for the class you want to attend.  This will help us prepare and make sure that everyone is in attendance who wants to be there.

  • Step 3: Invite your friends, family, neighbors and anyone who you think would benefit from understanding more about their body.  Share the info on social media and beyond!

  • Step 4: Come on in!  You level of participation is completely up to your comfort level.  Some people want to ask questions and tell stories.  Some just want to sit and listen.  All are welcome and no one will be asked to share unless you'd like to.

Is it normal to have leakage when I jump?

Good question.  This and many more like it will be addressed in the upcoming Body Class: Is this Normal?  Join the Class Email List for more details.