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Pelvic Floor Therapy: Specialized physical therapy treatments to eliminate disruptions in life.

No one talks about it.


That's why you didn't know.


You can live without bladder problems.

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I believed that leaking and wearing a pad was a necessary evil of aging. But it’s not true. I am feeling so free and young again. I’m only 60! That’s the new 40 ladies.  I tried other places and felt helpless and like I wasted time and money.

In six visits I am free of the unpleasant and embarrassing need to wear a pad daily. I have learned what muscles I need to focus on exercising. Is so simple! I feel clean and like myself again.

I would highly recommend Athena Pelvic Therapy. She is a very good listener, and a great teacher. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of women. I feel fortunate that I met her and took her passion seriously.

Thank you Dr. Juanita - you have touched my life!


-Linda K

Juanita is so personable and knowledgeable. She comes to your home and makes you feel so comfortable about something that is very personal and could potentially be embarrassing.


She has a great passion for what she does and has a way of making you feel heard and understood. She never once made me feel dumb for having misinformation or just ignorance about complicated ideas when it comes to the body.


I have so much more knowledge now and know that I am a patient for life.

-Elizabeth F.


Don't know where to start?  

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You'll discover:

       *Why you shouldn't go to the bathroom just in case

       *How to deal with public toilets in a healthy way

       *What not to drink

       *And more......

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